We are a PR agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, with an extensive knowledge of branding in an international context. As you might have suspected our concept is to spoil our clients. To spoil is to care. We founded SpoilConcept in 2005 on the belief that we can deliver infinitely more than good communication. Since then we have been influenced by frontrunners in music, dance, art, design, architecture and fashion. We have drawn inspiration from artistry striving to express itself in innovative ways, both bold and sensitive, straightforward and intellectual, always creative with an ability to capture its audience and make us feel that we are part of something special. 

Maybe you went to the opening of an art exhibition and stopped in front of a painting that instantly grabbed you and made you think. You grow at least two feet when you put on a beautiful new garment. You get goosebumps when everyone starts to sing the chorus at a concert, and you are still amazed how gifted architecture can transform its surroundings. Then you know how excellent communication feels like. We believe that good communication brings clarity and credibility. Excellent communication speaks to all the senses. That is what we do. Many of our distinguished clients operate in the field of lifestyle or popular culture. Our concept is a hybrid approach to PR, communication and events. We don’t just get the message across. We develop brands by creating experiences that can be shared and remembered by you and your clients. Because we aim to spoil.