How we like to do things – a few basics: Work hard, stay true, throw in a surprise now and then! When you love what you do it is like you can't help yourself from going that extra mile. And there is no greater reward than exceeding expectations. We are driven by results. We deliver. To do so we prefer to be bold, to chase opportunities and sculpt direction, avoiding conventions but embracing new methods to make a meaningful impact. We trust people to explore. Honesty always win. We say what we think and do what we say. Our main client services are as follows.

PR & Communication

We are a full-service partner, able to take you from strategy to production, using our creativity and strong relations with media and influencers to create impressions that last. We build brand equity through strategic planning, content strategy, branding activities and press cooperation. Our approach has earned us the loyal trust and respect of major brands for more than a decade.

Events & Meetings

We direct and produce events that stays in people's minds long after the lights are switched off. Attention to every aspect of the story, brand, guest and production is of greatest importance whether it is a private dinner, corporate function, store opening, fashion show, cultural activity or a major public event.

Branding & Development

We have a deep and broad understanding of brand opportunities and target groups in the Nordic countries. Through our extensive network, we can engage the most relevant brand ambassadors.


Thanks to our carefully curated showroom we can place products in their right context on a daily basis. We help our clients to grow their business by securing the right exposure, nurturing media relations and managing brand equity while tracking results and visibility.